Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Download Android Paid apps for free

Android is an Operating System for Smartphones and Tablets, One of the
most Popular Platform for mobile devices and Famous for their Android
Market( having More then 600,000 application,

Most of them are free but some apps are Paid means you have to pay
for application before you Download it.

Basically We all are Geek's about Free Things but My Experience on Web
Say's "Their's Nothing Free on Internet " you Just have to work Hard
that's all. But After all it's our Human Tendency to get free things
even if it cost some few penny and it fell Good.

Via Google Search :
One of the Most Popular Search Engine and Android too is an open
Source product of Google , Search for Paid App on Play.Google and
Check if that App Support your Smartphone if not then no use of
Downloading an App. Go to Google search and type name of paid app
Followed by .apk ,for example <Name of Paid App>.apk

Now any Site which you Like and Download the App and copy it to SD
Card and Install It.

Via Sharing Sites :
There are Huge Number of Android Fans who actually buy Paid apps and
post their backup files on the file Sharing Sites Such as 4Shared,
Mediafire, filecrop etc. and repeat the same procedure what you have
done for Google Search But instead of searching on Google Search you
to search it on file Sharing Sites.

Via Third Party
There are many Third Party application which would Download Paid app for free.

Download BlackMart Alpha
Download Pandaapp

Basically these apps are just an replacement for an Google play, these
third party app will search for paid app and you will be able to
download it free…
NOTE :- Downloading Paid apps for free is illegal, This is just for
information Purpose and Download Apps at your own Risk..


  1. no need to install any app just visit :-
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  2. With the lucky patcher apk, anyone can hack paid apps or games to getting all premium features for free...


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