Sunday, January 10, 2010

Hello Friends,
Firstly Sorry about my poor English, in that case plz forgive me.
Today i am going to share with you about my past. I was very poor confidence person. I hadn't any activity. I was very silent. I hadn't at least one friend who cares me and i didn't care my any friend.
Actually, I have negative thinking about anything. I have less confidence about my speaking & therefore i didn't speak more with anyone. when i am going to talk with any one i don't understand that what i tell with him or her? i became completely blank. I haven't daring to talk with girl. I can't talk with girl because i haven't self confidence about my talk.
In the college, i am very silent student & no one talk with me except 3-4 friends. Now i am doing BCA in MMCC college. This my second year of BCA. After BCA & i want to do MCA in Science but i have problem. I hadn't Math in 11th & 12th & therefore I can't do MCA science after completed BCA, I am not interesting in MBA. If there will not be chance to get MCA than i will do MBA or another master degree course. As per my knowledge there were three types of MCA Science, Commerce & Management. And i am not interested in last two of them.
Actually, After Completed SSC, I failed to took decision that I want to do 11th-12th in science but i hadn't any experience or any exprience person who tell me that You must do science because after HSC there will be many opportunity to you. then i did HSC in technical. Actually, I was fail in 11th when i was in commerce. after that i got admission again in 11th but i got technical stream which known as MCVC. And then done my Junior College Study & i take admission in BCA actually i want to do diploma in Computer Engineering but i didn't get admission in Diploma & therefore i got admission in BCA. after coming BCA i got information about MCA & i pursuing MCA. My college friend Amit told me that,"Akshay You will do MBA after BCA because MCA is very tough & lengthy course than MBA. So, You join the Entrance(CET) class with us." I am very confused with my educational studies. My many friends doing Engineering or CS. When i think of them , I do think that they are very intelligent than me. Because i am very lazy & i haven't Positive Attitude which they have lot. I am selfish person & very "Darpok" person like Raju Rastogi & they are "All is Well" Person like Ranchoo.
Now i am getting late, So let me go.
So, All is Well. Good Night & Sweet Dream