Friday, January 22, 2010

Now, I am learning English speaking. but still I am very poor in English becuase I haven't vocabulory of English and therefore I can't speak English Very well. So, I come online after many days, Now a days haven't interest to come online and haven't interest to do somethings. Really I lost my happiness as well as Confidence. And important thing is no anyone of mine who will understand my feelings. But still I am taking efforts to improve MySelf. Yesterday, In English Speaking Class Madam gave Homework to us but I can't done that Homework. Homework was 'The Movie I Liked Most'. I start thinking about that Homework I think on 3 Idiots but I can't recall that movie. I saw that Movie about 8-9 times. Neverthless, I can't remember some scene of movie. Hence I have not spoke on that topic. And I became completely blank. Here I mention about my Poor Memory Problem. So this is one of bad thing which I have.
Day before Yesterday, Madam gave us one interesting homework that is 'Market Sarve'. In that We should go to the Market and do enquiry in English. So, I am getting late. let me Go. Thank You!